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About Us


Saybrook Marketing is currently a one man marketing agency.  My focus is on helping clients grow their sales, revenue and profit using common sense marketing principles that really work in the real world.


No airy fairy pie-in-the-sky theories here like you’ll get from other agencies.  I don’t have an ivory tower.  All of the techniques I utilize are designed to make my clients more money.

01. Define Your Market

Who do you want to serve? What problems do you solve for people? Your prospects have wants, hopes, fears, dreams, desires, goals, aspirations, etc. You must find out what they are at a deep level.

02. Be The Best

Determine how your business can satisfy those wants, hopes, fears, dreams, desires, goals and aspirations better than any of your competitors.  Then you must DO IT.

03. Educate Them

Lastly you must educate the marketplace (your prospects) as to why you are the only viable choice.  This is what marketing REALLY is.  Follow these steps and you will crush your competition.

Professional Consulting

Business Growth Strategy

John Phillips

Owner/Business Growth Strategist

Every business has hidden assets and overlooked opportunities that the owner doesn’t see.  Why?  Because you can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame. You need someone with a strategic mind who is trained how to spot these opportunities for you.  I’ve been told that I “connect the dots” for people that they don’t see in their business.  I can do the same for you too.


What We Do

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Why should a prospect do business with you versus any and every other option available to them?  A good USP is your answer. I can help you create a really good one.

Referral Systems

The most powerful form of marketing is “word of mouth” or referrals.  I can help you put a system in place to generate more without being pushy.

Strategic Alliances

Who else is already doing business with your ideal customers and has their trust? I can help you find them and develop a relationship where you can work together for mutual benefit.

Reputation Management

There is nothing more important in your business than your relationship with your customers. Nothing. They ARE your business. I can help you identify any problem areas and improve them.

SMS (Text Message) Marketing

This is one of the easiest and most profitable forms of marketing you can do. I have my own text marketing platform that you can use to grow your sales and profit. Call or email me for details.

Digital Marketing

I own a  full service digital marketing agency with dedicated teams to handle all of your web design, social media, and search marketing needs

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John Phillips